the isabella-sacred-heart rose

the isabella-sacred-heart rose


Isabella Matilda Rose, I name this rose for you symbolic of your beautiful heart. That it is always entwined with mine, since conception where your heart and mine beat together. My love is with you today and forevermore. Your heart, no matter what life brings you, is yours, yours alone forever and always protected sacred and pure, you are cherished within the loving heart of the blessed mother who protects and keeps us all and is there for us when human life seems unfathomable. Light a candle, call out when you need her and she will come. You are never alone. You, my beloved daughter who blessed me with your life, your gifts are immeasurable, what you bring to me, your family, your friends, the world. You can never imagine how much my heart is overflowing with love for you, how much I cherish you, how proud I am of you, how much I enjoy being with you, how wonderful a person I know you are. How much you have taught me and blessed my life in every way possible. No matter how ugly life looks or however tough it gets-never ever doubt my love for you, never ever doubt your self-worth, never ever doubt your value on this earth, never ever stop believing in your goodness and your beautiful light that shines and lights up the darkest night, never ever doubt your power, your courage, your intelligence, your instincts, your ability to love and be loved, your talent for reaching to the sacred within hearts through your music...I wish you joy, good health, and freedom from fear, that you be surrounded by kindness and appreciation with people who truly see your sacred heart and how strong you are within your vulnerability and courage to be human. I respect and love you more than words can say. May you be blessed and honoured always. All my love to you today and forever, may God be with you always, Mum X

The isabella-sacred-heart rose was planted in our Public Rose Garden in 2014.

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