Name a rose for £9.99

This is where the magic happens! Name your rose, select an image and write a nice message.

name-a-rose details

Your rose page's URL will be:, where rose-name will be the name you enter here. The name can be between 3 and 30 characters long and must contain only lower-case letters, numbers and dashes ("-"), but can't start or end with a dash ("-").

Select your rose image

Here you can select the image you'd like to have on your rose page. You have two options:

Image Preview
Pick preset image

2. Upload custom image

Accepted images types: JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF

Your name-a-rose can be planted in any of the following rose gardens:

  • Public - Our general garden suitable for all occasions
  • Memorial - Our dedicated garden for remembering loved ones that have passed away

Select your rose garden:

Your name will appear on the certificate in the "Named by" section.

After you've created your name-a-rose we need to email you the details for safe keeping. You will never receive any spam from us.
If you choose to enter a message here it will be displayed on your name-a-rose page. Please keep in mind that name-a-rose pages are visible to anyone. Emojis are allowed but no HTML.