the fox-bear-and-rabbit rose

the fox-bear-and-rabbit rose


Named after my three little boys and their first teddies that have kept them company, propped up ventilators and always been there for every hospital stay. Tommy Joseph, Joshua Fox and Freddie Taylor.

Joshua and Freddie are twins who were born prematurely and spent their first year of life in and out of hospital fighting bacterial meningitis, sepsis, emergency operations, endless appointments and procedures, rough winters and through it all, they've been supported by their 3 year old brother Tommy, who's life was thrown upside down as he learned to adapt to life with poorly brothers. They are courageous, strong and make us proud with each little step they make. May you always be happy and healthy my little fox, bear and rabbit. We love you xx

The fox-bear-and-rabbit rose was planted in our Public Rose Garden in 2020.

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