the aiesha rose

the aiesha rose


This is to the world's most beautiful girl that I've ever laid my eyes upon. You caught my heart and soul the very day I met you, I loved everything from your fiestiness to your laughter, to your cute little giggle and the best of all the way you smiled at me when I was talking. You've seen a lot obstacles in your life which you shared with me and, boy was I surprised to know that a girl that small could have a heart to overcome disappointments, failures, broken trust etc. You showed me that in the world of misery one can move on with smiles ans prayers.

I love you because you care for others more than you care for yourself. Normally you wouldn't run, but when we go on dates and you'd see a person in need, you'd run after them to make sure that they don't sleep without food in their belly. You emphasize not just with people, but with animals too and wow don't even get me started on that!

I love the energy that I get from you when I'm around you. No matter what I do or say, you will always listen to me without losing focus, and that shine in your beautiful eyes always gets to me. Hey, you can't blame me... I'd lose myself in those eyes that sparkler endless love for me.

I love how our favorite hobby is talking about and eating A LOT of food. Never knew girl that small could eat, and boyyyyy was I surprised! But hey, another reason why i fell in love with you! First ever time I we went on a date, I ate from your plate and drank from your glass and you gave me these worst looks for touching your food LOL! And I can't believe you actually said, ' USE YOUR OWN THINGS THEN!'. 5 years down the line, things are still the same!

I love the way you look after me in everyway possible. Normally, you'd be the one doing all the talking, but as soon as you sense distress from me you'd put everything on hold to know if I'm doing okay.

Most of all, I love how you have supported me through every thick and thin, through every high and lows you've been my back bone. You could have had many but you chose me, when I had nothing, you motivated me and pushed me towards my dreams on the days I thought I can't achieve them and you've always been there to console me when I had no one to turn around to. You've made these 5 years most beautiful in my life and I promise you that I'll do everything I can to keep a smile on your beautiful face. I love you so much, happy Valentines day xo

The aiesha rose was planted in our Public Rose Garden in 2018.

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