Why Name a Rose?

  1. Because you believe in a thing called Love.
  2. Because it is a beautiful thing to do and you reckon your Mum, your Dad, your Friends and Family, your Lover, your Wife, your Husband, your Co-Worker to name just a few would all absolutely love to have a rose named after them.
  3. Because actually our memorial rose garden really is a beautiful way for you and your family to remember a loved one forever.
  4. Because it makes the most beautiful gift and is perfect for Birthday's, Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Anniversaries, Get Well Soons, Congratulations, Thankyous and practically every occasion we can think off.
  5. Because naming a rose will last forever!
  6. Because it will get yourself well and truly out of the proverbial doo da with the misses!
  7. Because in the future we hope to develop our name a rose service to be more interactive in ways we haven't even thought of yet. (Watch this Space).
  8. Because naming a rose and having it planted in our Rose Garden forever only costs £4.99 and we can deliver it anywhere in the world by email for £9.99.
  9. Because you can name a rose for anyone, any time of the day and have it sent to anywhere in the world.
  10. Because over thousands of years the rose has been synonymous with love, beauty and passion and you just want to do something that you know will make your recipient's world a better place.
  11. Because deep down you have a profound need to do something beautiful today.
  12. Because you just absolutely love www.inter.gifts!