How do I name a rose?

  1. Have a read of our F.A.Q and look at some of the roses we already have growing in our Rose Gardens to get a feel for it.
  2. Check if the name you want to call your rose is still available by clicking here.
  3. If it is you'll be taken to our order page where you can decide what image you would like to have with your rose. Either select one of our pre-set rose images or upload your own. If you choose to upload your own image we'll send simple instructions to you by email along with your order confirmation.
  4. Add some extra effects to your Name-a-Rose page by simply ticking the box. You can add scrolling title bar and some raining roses.
  5. Decide which rose garden you would like your rose planted in. You can choose from our Public Rose Garden, Memorial Rose Garden or the Private Rose Garden.
  6. Type in the text you'd like to appear on your Name-a-Rose page. This can be anything your heart desires and is only limited by your imagination.
  7. Then if required you can add additional text to the delivery message. This is totally different to the text that appears with your rose as it will only accompany the presentation of your name a rose to your recipient. I.E with the Email or Card depending on which presentation method you select.
  8. Next you have to decide if you simply want your rose to be planted in your chosen rose garden or have it sent by email as part of our Email presentation.
  9. At this point your Name-a-Rose has been officially planted. If you selected the Email Presentation you can select the Delivery Date that you want. Please note we deliver every day of the year.
  10. After your rose has been officially named and planted in the rose garden of your choice you may need to upload your own image which you can do easily but after that you simply need to do is sit back and enjoy it forever!