How Name-a-Rose Works

Welcome to Name-a-Rose, a free gift service provided by A Name-a-Rose is a single web page with an image and a message of your choosing.

Click here for an example: the_World-Peace_rose

How do I create a Name-a-Rose?

You can create a Name-a-Rose using a unique password that's provided on one of our special Name-a-Rose Cards.

If you don't have password then click here to see how you can get one.

I have my password, now what do I do?

If you've received your Name-a-Rose Card or we've sent you a password by email, just click the button at the bottom of this page to start creating your Name-a-Rose now.

An example of our Name-a-Rose Cards
An example of a Name-a-Rose Card that you receive with one of our gifts.

Get your Name-a-Rose Card ready and start creating your Name-a-Rose right now by clicking the button below:

Create Name-a-Rose