Our Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to Name a Rose?

Prices start from just £4.99 for one of our instant Name-a-Roses and £9.99 for one of our email presentation roses we will email to your recipient.

Please note you can get a 15% discount if you sign up and become a member of www.inter.gifts

What if the rose name I want is already chosen?

Our rose naming service works on a first come first served basis, so if your rose is already named by someone else we are afraid you are just too late.

What can my rose name be?

Your rose name can include any letter of the alphabet and any number, as well as hyphens (-) or underscores (_), but can't longer than 30 characters or contain any spaces.

What if I wish to make changes to my Name a Roses image or message?

After your rose has been named and planted in one of our rose gardens you are unable to make any further changes without contacting us first.

Please note, we are currently working on this part of our Name a Rose Service and aim to develop a easy way for you to water, prune and generally help nurture and grow your rose in our gardens forever. (Watch this Space).

How long does my Name a Rose last for?

Your rose is named and planted in our rose garden forever.

What if I wish to cancel my Name a Rose completely?

If you wish to cancel you rose at any time you simply need to contact us and it will be arranged at no extra charge. Please note that once cancelled the rose will become available to name once more.

Can I have a Name a Rose for anyone anywhere in the world?

Yes, we are able to name a rose and send our presentation emails anywhere throughout the world.

Can I or my recipient actually grow our Name a Rose ourselves?

No, your rose not a seedling or a physical rose plant that you can grow, it is a virtual rose that exists online and in the heart of you and your recipient only.

What if I don't want my Name a Rose available to the general public.

We have thought of that as well with the planting of our very own private rose garden. This is the garden for roses to grow without being seen by the general public at large.

Can I Name a Rose anything I want?

You sure can, in fact roses throughout time have been named after lots of very worthy people and different special occasions! So why not for someone you know.

Is my Name a Rose recognized by any other organization except The Red Rose Society?

No, your rose is a genuine gift meant as a symbolic gesture. It is not recognized by any other horticultural organization.

Can I have my Name a Rose presentation email guaranteed to be delivered on any specific day?

Yes, we can deliver our Name a Roses by email any day of the year.

Can I have my Name a Rose presentation email guaranteed to be sent at a specific time on the day of my choosing?

Generally speaking No. All presentation emails are sent in the morning once we have opened up and are onto our second cup of Tea! Normally around 12noon UK time :)

However saying that if your requirements are more particular than that you simply need to inform us when ordering in the additional comment box of your particular needs and we will do our very best to email your name a rose at a specific time of the day for you.

To find out the local time in the UK at any time click here.

What if I want my Name a Rose delivered by the presentation email method on the same day I order it?

You simply need to name your rose for delivery A.S.A.P. before 4pm UK time Monday through to Saturday and we will email your rose to your recipient the very same day.

What happens if I have any more Questions about Name a Rose?

Simply get in touch and let one of our sales team and budding rosarians answer any questions you might have.